Crazy snapper hotpot and Western specialties in flooding season

The West of this floating season reminds you of so many rustic dishes, is a crazy snail fish hotpot, grilled hamsters, gunpowder and many specialties waiting for you to enjoy.

Linh linh hotpot hot pot

Going to the West without enjoying the crazy gingko fish hotpot is really a pity. This is considered a famous specialty of the West in the flooding season, because the snakehead fish appears only from September to November. 

Crazy snapper hotpot and Western specialties in flooding season
Linh linh hotpot hot pot. Photo:

The way to make crazy sweet cotton hotpot is also quite simple, yet the taste is captivating. To have a proper hot pot pot, must choose the type of fish is very fresh, clean and drained. Add many other accompanying ingredients such as fresh coconut water, pineapple, lemongrass, pepper, chili, garlic ... the pan of the chi chiu dong incense with internal wind like the song of the countryside of the river.

The fish is so small that it cooks quickly, just need to put it into the hot pot quickly, you can enjoy it, the water is very soft, it starts to taste a little bitter but immediately after it is a sweet sweetness. light. Diners can eat with rice vermicelli or white rice are all, simple but unique, attractive souls love eating near and far.

Address suggestion:

53 Pham Huu Lau, Ward 4, TP. Cao Lanh, Dong Thap
National Highway 53, Khóm 6, Thị Trấn Càng Long, Càng Long, Trà Vinh.

Grilled hamsters

Crazy snapper hotpot and Western specialties in flooding season
Grilled hamsters. Photo: Tin247

A lot of people are afraid of dishes made from mice, but go to the West, maybe your mind will change. The roasted hamster is a Western specialty in the flooding season and a favorite dish of the people here.

After harvest, people will set traps or spread nets, burn straw to catch hamsters, many people after catching mice will always stay in the middle of the field and drink, but many are more sophisticated when cooking by baking. lu.

Fat mice, after being cleaned, will be marinated with aromatic spice, followed by hooks. The cook will turn so that his hands are regular, just spice just add spice and grease to make the outer layer shiny, golden, crunchy, the meat inside retains softness and does not dry out.

Grilled hamsters will be served with laksa leaves, lemon pepper, tomatoes, bananas, cucumber, a bite of meat with just enough marinated spices, the delicious taste will gradually dissolve in your mouth will make you nearly rubbed forever. no problem

Address suggestion:

Cay Buoi Restaurant - 90/2/21 Hung Vuong, P. Binh Binh, Q.Ninh Kieu, Can Tho.
Cay Buoi Restaurant 2 Street Song Hau, Bai Cat, Q.Ninh Kieu, Can Tho.
Cay Buoi Restaurant 5 - 108A, Cai Khe Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho, Vietnam

Gun stock

Crazy snapper hotpot and Western specialties in flooding season
Delicious delicacies wild cauliflower sauce. Photo: Photo:

If you've ever tasted the stock of cauliflower, it will make you remember and look forward to coming back again to enjoy. The simple and simple dish is enough to make everyone fall in love and admire forever. In the flooding season, water lilies go up quickly and clear the field, after being pulled back, they will be cleaned, stripped of the outer shell, plucked each stem about two inches long, put in the basket so that it is drained. .

Stock sauce must be a kind of choke fish sauce, red, just opened the lid is fragrant already. In the flooding season, just a few taels of sauce, anabas, pork belly, brown eggplant ... you already have a pot of delicious gunpowder fish sauce.

Address suggestion:

1/8 Ly Tu Trong, P. An Phu, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho

Noodle soups

Crazy snapper hotpot and Western specialties in flooding season
Ecstatic flavor was bowl of Western noodles. Photo: Foody

You can find vermicelli soup in any province of the West, right from the moment you step into the restaurant, its fascinating taste through the steaming pot of steaming soup has made your soul stir. already.

Chefs often choose chopped fish in the rainy season, or fish sauce, chopped fish in Ca Mau or Bac Lieu, for fragrant and fatty meat. The main ingredients of the dish include fish, pork and shrimp, fish cleaned, boneless, freshly peeled shrimp, then the sauce, add a little coconut water to give the flavor more bold. Tasting spices to taste, along with bean sprouts, chives, spinach, bananas, herbs, basil, lemon, chilli ... enjoy the smell of fish sauce that has extremely strong mouth.

Address suggestion:

655 National Highway 1A, Quarter 3, Ward 2, Tp. Soc Trang
594 April 30 Street, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho
86/18 Ly Tu Trong, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho

Classic cotton pancakes

Crazy snapper hotpot and Western specialties in flooding season
Classic cotton wheel. Photo: TinTuc.Vn

Considered a specialty only in the Southwest region, the pancakes made from rice flour add a little coconut milk for a more aromatic and fatty flavor. Then add the duck egg, turmeric juice to the color of the cake is yellow, drop a little more finely chopped green onion, seasoning seasoning to fit. 

Dictionary cotton was disconnected, washed to drain, sliced ​​cassava tubers, squeezed dry, fresh bacon and shrimp picked up. When the stove is hot, the chef will add a little oil, rinse the cake quickly, give the delicious cotton, cassava tubers ... turn the cake over and cover it to ripen then take out the plate.

Crazy pancakes for special flavors are hard to find anywhere, making it impossible to stop eating.

Address suggestion:

Banh Xeo Ngoc Ngan - Le Loi Avenue, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho
Banh Xeo 7 Toi - Hoang Quoc Viet, An Binh, Can Tho

Linh flexible fish cane

Crazy snapper hotpot and Western specialties in flooding season
Western specialties in flooding season: Linh linh cane. Photo:

The special dish of the Western people, the next not to be missed dish is Linh Linh sugarcane, Linh fish is washed, drained, sugarcane is split into small pieces, warehouse with coconut water, Delicious, delicious, delicious. Add a little chili or less pepper, the more you will catch the taste, the more delicious.

Reference price:  27,000 - 50,000 VND / box / 210gr

Where is the sour fish?

Crazy snapper hotpot and Western specialties in flooding season
Where is the sour fish? Photo:

As a favorite dish of the people in the Western province, made from two main ingredients are melon leaves and choke fish. The sour taste of tamarind fish sauce, combined with the bitter little bitterness of the melancholy leaves, the aroma of choke fish, all go together, creating an irresistibly delicious attraction.

Sour dry salad is a familiar rustic dish of Western people, so you can easily enjoy this specialty at small restaurants, or restaurants in Kien Giang, Tra Vinh or Ca Mau.

Three notches salt

Crazy snapper hotpot and Western specialties in flooding season
Three notches salt. Photo:

The three aspects of salty food are from the countryside, the three areas are small purple crabs and three tiles on the back, the name of the three areas is also because of this feature, their meat is very fragrant and sweet. The notch will be cleaned with salt water before processing, then it will be soaked in salt solution for about 5 days, to increase its deliciousness, it will be processed again. Remove the apricot, split into three parts and mix with cinnamon leaf, star fruit, garlic, sugar, chili, monosodium glutamate, add lemon juice, soak for about 2 hours to infuse spices. Enjoy the three aspects with cold rice, once is enough you can not forget the taste of it.