Discover Ben Tre cuisine, 5 unique and strange dishes that cannot be denied

About Ben Tre, no one can forget the rustic beauty, the true nature of people and the landscape here. The soaring coconut trees stretch out, the delicious fresh gardens and the people are friendly, hospitable and enthusiastic. Especially, you will remember Ben Tre cuisine with the sweet smell of coconut and the greasy taste from coconut milk in each dish. 

Ben Tre cuisine with 5 memorable dishes

Coconut weevil

Ben Tre specialties coconut palm is a famous and unique dish in the country of coconut. The coconut worm or coconut weevil is an insect living in the neck, about the size of the little finger, white and fat. However, not everyone has the courage to enjoy this unique and strange dish. However, if one tasted, believe you will remember forever not forget the characteristic flavor of it. 

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Many dishes are made from coconut weevil but the most popular is the live coconut weevil with chili sauce. Each individual coconut weevil is stocked in a bowl of white wine, which helps to remove the dirt from them. After that, coconut palm weevils were washed and put into a bowl of chili sauce. The coconut weevils wiggle, looking scared but eating very delicious. Bite a piece, the fat like melting gradually in the mouth, the more addicted. Alternatively, you can also try frying coconut weevil. Fatty taste of weevil served with fresh raw vegetables, eaten without bored. This is really a delicious dish of gourmet.

Ben Tre coconut rice

Referring to Ben Tre cuisine , coconut rice is a famous delicacy not to be missed. This typical dish must use gon and Siamese rice. Wash rice with coconut water, drain and then put in coconut to take water away. Coconuts leave the whole fruit alone, do not touch the inside, cut across the top of the coconut to empty. The cut piece of coconut is used to make a lid for the coconut. Put rice in the coconut, pour enough fresh coconut water and then cover. Ripe rice, sticky rice with coconut emits a sweet aroma.

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Ben Tre coconut rice dishes will be delicious when enjoying with roasted coconut. The aroma of coconut, the flesh of the sticky rice together with the sweet, chewy shrimp make the explosion of flavor in the mouth. If you come to Ben Tre once, remember not to miss this unique culinary culture of the locals.

Bananas Beating

Beating bananas is a delicious dish in Ben Tre that is also easy to make. To get the right banana, bananas have to be ripe Siamese bananas. Only so bananas have just enough elasticity, when baked hunt is just eaten. On the contrary, if the banana is overcooked, when it is soft, it does not have enough toughness. Bananas are peeled, halved and placed on a charcoal grill for 5 minutes to drain and hunt. Next, the seller put the bananas in plastic wrap or place them on the cutting board and then bang them hard to remove them. The bananas are then baked on the charcoal stove again. Bake evenly on both sides until the banana turns golden color, ready to taste.

Discover Ben Tre cuisine, 5 unique and strange dishes that cannot be deniedPhoto: BlogAnChoi

Bananas served on a plate, sprinkle on coconut milk or dip directly. The greasy taste of coconut milk adds the toughness, crunch, sweetness of bananas blend, eating a plate wants to add a second plate. Enjoy the plate of bananas, sitting on the river, flanked by bamboo trees rustling in the wind, feeling extremely relaxed.

Rice snail pancake

Pancakes are no longer a strange dish to Southern people. However, snail rice cake is a famous delicacy of Ben Tre cuisine . This unique dish is derived from Phu Da dunes (Cho Lach district - Ben Tre) - the place with the highest number of reproductive rice snails. Snail made of cake is soaked with rice water and chili to remove sebum. After that, the snail is boiled and to take out the meat. Next, the snail put in the stir fry briefly with onions, thinly sliced ​​chives are delicious pancakes. 

Discover Ben Tre cuisine, 5 unique and strange dishes that cannot be deniedPhoto: BAOMOI.COM

Besides snail shells, Ben Tre pancake shells are also special. Cake mix coconut milk, eggs, turmeric and scallions. Flour the dough into a pan, flatten it, then put the rice snail into the roll, fry both sides. Next add the shredded bean sprouts and bean sprouts into the filling.

Rice snail, white opaque meat, fragrant fat with beans, fresh price, crunchy, eat not sick. It is great to have herbs, lettuce, mustard greens or dips with lemon and chili garlic sauce. Spices, spicy, sweet, crunchy make the attractive rustic food of Ben Tre.

Ben Tre coconut mouse

Coconut mice are basically shaped like hamsters. They have sharp teeth, specialized in destroying coconut trees. Because of sucking sweet from fresh, dry coconut meat, coconut ham aromatic, eaten as chicken and waving of the fat, the aroma of coconut water. Coconut mouse is processed into many attractive dishes such as grilled, steamed, cooked curry ... Song, famous and most preferred by gourmets, must include steamed coconut mouse in a rice cooker. 

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Rats cooked with steam clean rice, when cooking rice lined pieces of banana leaves up and then mouse over. Rice is the time when rat meat is cooked. White coconut meat mouse, especially aromatic. Tear off the pieces of rat meat with salt and pepper and tattoo vegetables are delicious in tune.

Besides, visitors can enjoy roasted coconut mouse or grilled coconut mouse. This is the favorite food of the drinkers. In addition, coconut mouse is also a delicious dish to attract customers. The meat of the mouse is marinated, fried and then stored in coconut milk to make sweet sweet duck charm.

Ben Tre cuisine , once tried to remember, never forget. The delicious delicacies combined with the typical coconut flavor make greasy and poignant dishes only available in Ben Tre. Once coming to this place, do not forget to enjoy the delicious dishes mentioned above, they will make you lingering forever.