Pungng load - A special dish of the Tay - Nung people

It has become a tradition, on the occasion of the full moon in July, the people of Lang Son will again make pies to download and cake. The black thorny cakes  have existed since time immemorial, associated with the legend of the heroic enemy. The story says that during the reign of King Ly Thai Tong, when the Song invaders invaded our country, Nung Tri Cao - the leader of the ethnic groups in Cao Bang province at that time, led everyone to fight the enemy.

To have food to fight the enemy for a long time, the people here made a kind of bread wrapped in banana leaves, bringing the warriors to battle. That is the wheel loader. The cakes are strung into pairs, worn on the person for convenience. Also by that load pung cake has another name is worn .

Bucket load Pungng download is associated with the historical legend of the Tay - Nung ethnic group. Photo: didulich.net

To make cakes, people have to prepare the main ingredients including glutinous rice, hemp leaves, beans of all kinds, sesame ... The Tay - Nung conception to give ancestors, give parents, raise children, ingredients Baking is available in the home garden and self-cultivation, harvest is called precious.

Bucket load The ingredients make pung dish download. Photo: baolaicao.vn

Rice to make this kind of cake must be delicious, not sticky, so the new cake is soft and chewy, not hard to eat. Glutinous rice is soaked in one session, filled with water, grinded in a stone mortar or mechanically rubbed into a thick paste, stored in a cloth bag, hung up to drain. The prickly leaves were pre-picked, stripped of the veins, and dried. Dried leaves bring security, when boiling add a little lime to quickly then wash, squeezed, dried, finely chopped. Sugar cane - a type of sugar crafted from finely chopped sugar cane. People knead this sugar, prickly leaves with flour and then crushed in a stone mortar to make it smooth.

Bucket load Glutinous rice flour, hemp leaves, sugar cane were crushed away. Photo: 24h.com.vn

Sewing flour dough is the most tired stitch, people took turns in the past. Making dough fast and effective is pounding with a mortar. Hemp powder quality is after pounding will give a mixture of plastic consistency, smooth black, aroma blended with glutinous flour, hemp leaves and molasses.

Bucket load Hemp powder after finishing pounding. Photo: baotintuc.vn

If the cake made from peanuts is roasted and pounded sugar. Types of green beans, red beans, black beans want to be soft, fleshy without fleshy, they must be soaked in hot water for about 2 hours and then steamed. Then, add sugar to the island on the kitchen, use a smooth pestle and vo.

Bucket load The cake is smooth then pounded. Photo: sendo.vn

Pancakes are packed with dried banana leaves, steamed for about 30 minutes to be cooked. After steaming, people take bamboo sticks to make bread in pairs, hang it on a pole in a cool corner of the house, to be 3-5 days without mold, rancid. The cake has the sweet taste of sugar, the sweetness of sticky rice and the sweetness of bean paste. When it is left for a long time, the cake is dried, it can be baked briefly on embers or fried again for soft cakes, enjoying a more delicious taste.

Bucket load Pancakes are taken away steamed. Photo: youtube.com

When eating, you have to strip the leaves of banana cakes into small pieces because they are easy to stick to the leaves. The layer of cake after peeling off will have a black branch, silky, soft, aromatic, eat very well without being tired. Cake can be preserved for a long time without fear of damage. If left for long, can bring steamed dumplings before eating or bring fried to eat also very delicious.

Bucket load When eating, you need to strip the banana leaves into small pieces. Photo: vietravel.com

The loader can be kept wet for a long time. Within 1 week, the cake is still delicious, as if it has just been steamed, about 1 month or more will dry out, but don't worry, the steaming is still delicious. Gourmet people put the bread into the pan, for fat to make the surface bulging, soft and also quite strange to eat. Usually high quality cakes are left for a long time without watering.

Bucket load Pancake load can hold very long. Photo: eva.vn

Who has once enjoyed pie download - specialties of the Tay - Nung people, surely can not forget its typical flavor. Enjoying such a rustic cake among the natural scenery of the sky and heaven, the spontaneity of the Tay - Nung ethnic group, is especially new, why do so many people choose to eat banh chung in the world? Immense world of Vietnamese culinary arts.