The dishes made from rice in Asia make diners tired

White rice bowls for generations have been indispensable in the meals of every family throughout Asia. And the image of the whole family gathering together is a beautiful image of everyone wishing to preserve in memory and in the present and future. 

The dish is made from riceRice. Photo:

The quintessence of the dishes with the presence of rice shows respect for each grain of rice, the way of mixing the ingredients together shows the subtlety in the way of enjoying of Asians. It can be said that rice is not only a dish, it is also the soul of a nation. 

Flourful, Vietnam

Five-color sticky rice is a famous dish made from glutinous rice , very popular in the mountains of Vietnam. The special feature of this dish is the attractive color. Xoi usually has 5 colors symbolizing the five elements: White is metallic, blue is rustic, purple is aquatic, red is fire, yellow is earth. 

The dish is made from riceBoiling dishes with characteristics of the Tay people. Photo:

Not only high aesthetics, the variety of sticky rice dishes also implies prosperity and favorable business. Sticky red represents the aspiration, yellow sticky rice represents fullness, purple sticky represents rich land, blue sticky rice represents the green of mountains and white sticky rice represents. love in a faithful white. With eye-catching form, the fragrant plasticity makes sticky rice with five colors become extremely famous dish in Vietnam.

The dish is made from riceSticky rice symbolizes prosperity and convenience. Photo:

To obtain delicious five-colored sticky rice, the Tay woman uses sticky rice with yellow flowers to cook. To make the sticky rice soft, enough rice to bloom, soak the rice in water for 6-8 hours. Then bring the sticky rice on the stove evenly, flowing with charcoal to allow the sticky rice to be cooked, fragrant. To sticky rice has 5 different colors, people divide the rice into 5 equal parts to dye. Each color will map in a separate section, this is considered the most difficult stage requiring ingenuity of the Tay woman. In order for the five-color sticky rice to catch the eye, the order in which the rice is soaked in the most fading color is put in the first place and put white on the top.

The dish is made from riceStaining process cook five-color sticky rice. Photo:

Sushi, Japan

Referring to Japanese cuisine, people immediately mention sushi, because this is the most famous and popular Japanese food in the world outside of Japan. With this dish, whether the fillings are raw or cooked seafood, vegetables or fruits, an important ingredient that is indispensable is the soft and soft white rice wrapped on the outside.

The dish is made from riceJapanese Sushi. Photo:

The rice must be cooked from soft, medium-sized rice that creates a sticky texture and is cooked with pure water. For fresh seafood, especially when caught just like that will retain the nutrition as well as pure taste when enjoying. The most popular seafood is caught from coastal areas because of its freshness and richness of nutrients. It is these strict requirements that have helped Japanese cuisine be appreciated by international friends.

The dish is made from riceThe ingredients that make up the sushi are extremely well prepared. Photo:

Nasi Kuning, Indonesia

Nasi Kuning is a rice dish originating from the island of Bali, a dish made from a special kind of golden rice commonly used at festivals and sacrifices. Rice will be cooked with coconut milk, chicken broth and spices. Nasi kuning rice, after being processed into a complete dish, will display a large plate and decorated with meat, eggs, fish, green vegetables, etc. Due to the harmonious decoration, it looks like a picture lively picture. When enjoying you will see each individual rice separately, each eating very Bui Bui and delicious.

The dish is made from riceNasi Kuning colorful attractive. Photo:

Sticky Mango, Thailand

Thailand is a famous country for exporting rice. For people here, the dishes made from sticky rice play a very important role in daily meals. But unlike other types of sticky rice to eat in the main meal, mango sticky rice is a sweet sticky rice, also known as Khao Niaow Ma Muang. Thai rice is famous for its delicious taste and has been exported to many countries around the world. Thai mango is also a concept that is no stranger to junk food lovers.

The dish is made from riceSticky Mango, Thailand. Photo:

As a country of the tropics, the fruits typical of other hot countries are also contributed to make the mango sticky rice just fragrant and delicious. The sticky, white sticky rice seeds with yellow mango pieces are ripe, sweet and sweet, and the taste of coconut milk remains in the throat, creating a famous dish not only in Beautiful Golden Temple land but also trot "cause missed" so many visitors had the opportunity to visit and enjoy this dish.

The dish is made from riceThe sticky, white sticky rice seeds with yellow mango pieces. Photo:

Bibimbap - Korean mixed rice

Korean mixed rice - bibimbap is a very famous and popular dish outside the country's borders. Korean mixed rice is noticeable by the art of mixing colors: the white of rice, the brown of meat, the yellow of eggs, the green of vegetables, etc. This blend has created the name "mixed rice". Today, mixed rice has changed a lot compared to traditional mixed rice so that it can be suitable for everyone, not just for Koreans.

The dish is made from riceKorean mixed rice. Photo:

When cooked, this dish is kept in a hot rice cooker or in a stone bowl to retain heat. A Korean mixed rice bowl has at least 6 to 7 ingredients or more. How to use these ingredients depends on the specific recipe of each restaurant. A good chef will know how to combine the ingredients so that it not only combines the taste but also the color in the dish.

The dish is made from riceA Korean mixed rice bowl has at least 6 to 7 dishes or more. Photo:

Each dish has different flavors and colors but always makes you addicted to enjoying. If you have the opportunity to explore the dishes made from rice above, certainly will not disappoint you.