Vietnam durian and the most worthwhile fruits in the world

Fruits are generally very versatile ingredients, you can make fruit salad, fruit pizza, mixed fruit or make a variety of smoothies. There are many different fruits in the world, and some of them are very special and worth a try. The Travel has collected the most worthwhile fruits in the world, including fruits familiar to Vietnamese people.



Durian is definitely a strange fruit for many countries around the world. It has a hard outer shell of only 3-4 large zones, especially with a characteristic odor that is difficult to smell for many people. Despite its rough appearance, the inside of the durian zone is large, juicy and soft like pale yellow butter. For people who eat durian, they feel it tastes extremely impressive and delicious. Durian smells very strong, just from afar has smelled, so this is quite a picky fruit people eat. However durian is one of the most worthwhile fruits in the world

Dragon fruit


Named after the shape of a fruit, dragon fruit looks like a dragon egg, a delicious fruit from the tropics. This fruit deserves a brilliant pink skin, green veins winding like a dragon's fin, and more strange inside with succulent white flesh and countless black seeds like sesame seeds. Similar to kiwi, dragon fruit is soft but still has a fragrant toughness and sweetness. 



The apricot stick has a sweet and sour taste, berries, and the flesh is pale pink. Many people compare apricot to cherry, but apricot has a different taste. Yumberries are found in many areas of China, and are also used to make dried fruits and wine. Don't miss the chance to taste this worthwhile fruit

Star fruit


With a star, this fruit is called a 'star fruit' by foreigners, when it is cut, there are 5 wings like the star of the sky. This unique fruit comes from Sri Lanka, it has a slightly sour taste, if it is a young green fruit then it is acrid. In Vietnam, star fruit is also very popular, it is used as a side dish in rolls or salt to accompany figs in boiled snails. In general, star fruit is a popular and familiar dish for Vietnamese people. However, it is a fruit worth trying because of its strange and attractive taste.



The outer shell is shaggy and hairy, but inside is a white egg like chicken and juicy, hard to resist. Rambutan is delicious because of its sweet, aromatic, rose-like aroma, it's not sour so children especially like this fruit. 



Looking like a cherry tomato, this Peruvian fruit has a small, medium-sized, juicy taste. Locals love it not only because it looks like a juicy tomato, but also because it is used as an ingredient in many dishes, such as sauces, juices, and in many dishes. Tamarillo can also be eaten raw, this is really a fruit worth a try.

Passion fruit


Although the color and appearance of passion fruit are easily confused with other fruits, such as figs, the flesh of the passion fruit is yellow in color, the seeds are large, and need to be filtered through a sieve. like to eat whole passion fruit seeds because of the fleshiness Passion fruit is popular in salads, juices and in cocktail preparation. The passion fruit cake is also loved by many people because of its sweet and sour taste. 



Pacay fruits are worth a try because they look like ordinary peas on the outside but have dense white cotton seeds inside. The flavor of pacay is like vanilla ice cream, so this fruit is also known as 'cream bean'. Unfortunately pacay is very rare and only available in South America. 

Kiwano Cucumber 


Kiwano, or horned melon, has a yellow outer skin and green inside, making it a colorful party. They taste described as a combination of kiwi, cucumber and banana. The best way to eat it is to cut the kiwano in half and use the spoon to scoop it up. You will surely love immediately with sweet sweet aroma. The fruit of African origin is also among the fruits worth a try .

Loquat (Sweet potato)


Although native to Asia, western weed is also grown in some areas in the United States. It is like apricots but unique in sweet and juicy taste. Loquat is both sour and sweet, making people enjoy the taste buds.