Travel Australia to welcome Christmas in the brilliant summer

Instead of celebrating the cold Christmas season in Europe or the US, you can go to Australia to catch a holiday season in the warm sunshine. Noel in Australia also takes place like most Christian countries, from the night of 24 to December 25 every year. However, because December is the summer in Australia, if you travel to Australia for Christmas, you will have a very different holiday season.  

Coming to Australia on this occasion, you can enjoy the warm sunshine from the sun, sunbathe on the coast to enjoy the seafood you like and immerse in the festive activities that take place throughout the big cities first. when Christmas officially begins. 

Sydney: Light, seaside festivals and bustling fish markets

Travel Australia to welcome Christmas in the brilliant summer
Beautiful fireworks celebrate Christmas in the skies over Sydney. Photo: Visun Khankasem / Shutterstock

Pitt Street Mall - branded shopping street is decorated with LED lights, sparkling every evening before Christmas, making the shopping atmosphere more exciting and fun. Stunning light shows take place in the plaza, drawing crowds of people and visitors. You can take some time to St Mary's Church, where a choir performs nightly carols from December 5 until Christmas to mingle with the festive atmosphere of the Australians. 

The countdown to Christmas is always very exciting, but no place is more clear than the Fish Market on the Blackwattle Bay in Pyrmont - dubbed the "seafood paradise" of Sydney. From December 23 until 5 p.m. Christmas night is a "seafood race" at the fish market. Locals jostle to pick the best fresh oysters, shrimp and fish for Christmas lunch. You can come to enjoy some fresh seafood dishes at the restaurant right inside the market. 

If you're in the mood for a weekend away from Sydney during Christmas, then Hunter Valley Gardens - Australia's oldest wine region is a great choice. Driving about an hour south to Wollongong in New South Wales, you will be immersed in the festive atmosphere on the crowded beaches. You can organize a picnic on the beach, sunbathe, walk, chat with the tourists or watch locals swimming. 

Brisbane: Parade to celebrate Christmas

Travel Australia to welcome Christmas in the brilliant summer
Brisbane decorates a tall Christmas tree to celebrate Christmas. Photo: POC / Shutterstock

You can follow the Christmas parade that takes place at Queen Street Mall every day from December 14 to 23. This is an Australian tradition in Brisbane. Adults and children alike enjoy seeing bible characters, watching drums, trumpets, singing and dancing groups, Santa Claus, donkeys and reindeer marching in jubilant music. 

Brisbane is also home to a number of exciting cultural activities to celebrate Christmas, from the annual Queensland Nutcracker ballet performance (held daily from December 13 to 21) to Christmas Actually - a live performance of all hits from Love Realistic.

Adelaide: Delicate Christmas like a European

Travel Australia to welcome Christmas in the brilliant summer
Adelaide immerses itself in the Christmas atmosphere. Photo: Charles Lewis / Shutterstock

If you visit the city of Adelaide, visit Hahndorf - the largest German settlement in this country. This is where you can find the true European Christmas atmosphere, except without the snow. You can stroll in the cramped alleys of the Hahndorf Christmas Market, visit traditional food stalls, stalls selling Christmas decorations and crafts made by local artisans. From Hahndorf, you are just a short drive away from the famous restaurants of Adelaide Hills and Barossa, where you are spoiled for choice for delicious lunches with festive-inspired menus. Of course, don't forget to enjoy the accompanying wine with your meal.

Perth: Christmas at sea

Not bustling like Melbourne or Sydney, Perth attracts by the gentle beauty, quiet very peaceful. Coming here at Christmas, you can take a boat, bring drinks and snacks, enjoy the feeling of adventure on the sea surface, listen to the murmuring waves and breathe the cool air to dispel the heat of Australia's 30 degree Celsius weather. 

Besides, Perth also has many festivals that will surely interest you, or you can also go to the open-air concerts at Quarry Amphitheater.

Melbourne: Enjoy attractive and sweet dishes

Travel Australia to welcome Christmas in the brilliant summer
Christmas atmosphere in Federal Square - Melbourne. Photo: Dean Walliss

Melbourne is the birthplace of the traditional annual event on Christmas Eve, called Carols by Candlelight (Singing Christmas carols with candlelight). On this occasion, Australians in Melbourne will organize a picnic, in the gardens, gather with family and friends, dress up with reindeer ears or Christmas hats, play Carols and sing The music is fun. Today, Singing Christmas carols by candlelight is an activity that has spread throughout Australia. The favorite and most performed Christmas songs on Carols by Candlelight night in Australia include Six White Boomers, Aussie Jingle Bells, Santa's Moving to the South Pole, etc.

If you like sweet desserts, head to Melbourne. From November 29, Christmas activities have been taking place, including the preparation of traditional dishes, cakes, attractive dessert foods…. You can head to Collins Street to explore Gingerbread Village - Melbourne's premier venue for sweet treats. From there, you can also take the tram to Sugar Republic in Fitzroy, the candy world from the Willy Wonka chocolate factory is waiting for you. 

Canberra: Visit the Christmas markets

Travel Australia to welcome Christmas in the brilliant summerChristmas Market in Canberra. Photo:

The Australian capital of Canberra may be small in size, but the spirit of celebrating Christmas is no less. There are many markets for you to explore and shop for seasonal souvenirs, including the Handicraft Market (open from November 22 - 24) where you can buy unique crafts. ; Canberra Christmas Market (open from 7 - 8 December) - a place to sell fashion, food and specialty products; and Old Bus Depot market, which attracts collectors, is open every Sunday.