Walk around 10 of the most beautiful towns in Luxembourg

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is one of the first six members to form the EU Union. With a small area, only 2,586 km2, the country extends from North to South a total of 82 km and from East to West encapsulated in 57 km. However, Luxembourg has not been "overwhelmed" by its giant neighbors, Belgium, France and Germany. It is easy to understand, because Luxembourg is the place where the European Union has many important administrative offices such as the European Court, European Audit Office, European Investment Bank ...

And if you wander through this small country, you will not see any dazzling wealth, or any other "boastful" activity. Instead, the impression that a country with a developed financial industry is an open space with beautiful, ancient towns and is surrounded by nature.

1. The town of Clervaux

Located in northern Luxembourg, the town of Clervaux is beautiful and striking with snow-white buildings nestled between lush green hills and pointed towers like castles in ancient fairy tales. 

Clervaux town. Photo: Wikipedia

With a population of 1,309, this small town is peaceful and boasts countless ancient and culturally rich destinations such as Saint-Maurice Monastery or Saint Maur Monastery. In addition, Clervaux also witnessed heavy battles during World War II. Therefore, the Battle of the Bulge Museum is here as a living proof of history and an impressive display of antique collections from the USA, Germany and Luxembourg.

2. The town of Ettelbruck

Despite being upgraded to the city, Ettelbruck retains the peace and coziness of a small town.

Ettelbruck town. Photo: Flickr

Ettelbruck is located in the vibrant center of Grand-Duchy territory, Luxembourg with gentle pastel buildings and curved bridges that create picturesque streets.

3. City of Diekirch

Diekirch is a city in northeastern Luxembourg, capital of the state of Diekirch of the district of Diekirch. The city lies on the banks of the quiet Sauer River and was the first city in Luxembourg to have a pedestrian zone in 1977.

Diekirch city. Photo: Pinterest

There are strange cobblestone streets and quaint walkways, nestled next to transmission squares - places where public concerts and exhibitions of folklore readings are regularly held. In addition, this beautiful town also has the National Military History Museum and the monumental fountain - the place where the statue of the donkey - mascot of the town is also the meeting place of parades. Colorful festivals every year.

4. Town of Larochette

Larochette is a quaint quaint town located in a narrow rock valley, completely surrounded by forests. Larochette is dominated by two old castles (12th century), partially rebuilt, located on a high cliff on the beautiful and poetic valley of White Ernz.

Town of Larochette. Photo: Flickr

Larochette boasts a great medieval square, a museum of industry (free entry), and several historic sites scattered along the quaint streets. In addition, the town also has a village - where is known as the paradise of pedestrians with the rest of the Roman farm in Aalburg.

5. The town of Echternach

Echternach is located near the border with Germany, and is the oldest town in Luxembourg.

Echternach town. Photo: Mullerthal

In 2010, Echternach gained a reputation by inscribing its name on the Intangible Heritage - the famous UNESCO procession and dance procession. Among the city's tourist attractions are the Roman Villa, the Benedictine Monastery of Saint Willibrord or the Trifolion cultural center.

6. The town of Esch-sur-Sure

Standing tall, on the small town of northwestern Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Sure strategic castle has become one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the country with interesting historical stories. this taste. 

LuxembourgEsch-sur-Sure town. Photo: Eislek

Built in 927, the Esch-sur-Sure castle is in Romanesque and Gothic style as it illuminates the green Sure River every night.

7. The town of Vianden

Vianden is a town in Oesling, northeast of Luxembourg, with more than 1,800 residents. It is the capital of the state of Vianden and borders the borders of Luxembourg and Germany. 

Vianden town. Photo: Inacity

The town has many ancient architecture, including the Vianden Castle - one of the typical architectural works in Romanesque architecture. Built in the heyday of European Gothic architecture and restored around the 10th and 11th centuries, Vianden castle is considered the most ancient and romantic historical treasure situated on the natural hills and mountains. green.

8. The town of Remich

Remich is also another beautiful town located in the beautiful Moselle valley of Luxembourg. This is one of the most famous destinations with excellent locally made wines. 

The town of Remich. Photo: Wikipedia

When you come to Remich, besides enjoying wines, you can also visit the picturesque vineyards, surrounding the long walkways along the romantic Moselle River.

9. The town of Mamer

Located just a few kilometers west of Luxembourg City, Mamer - a beautiful old town is home to Celtic tribes. 

Mamer town. Photo: The Culture Trip

The town is extremely flourishing and boasts many famous tourist attractions such as an old castle, an ancient Roman beach and the impressive John the Baptist Church. Begin the journey to discover Mamer by crossing the valley's trails to lead to a peaceful countryside with incredible rock masterpieces, old factories and magnificent caves.

10. The town of Wiltz

Say no more, the small town of Wiltz is a paradise for people who like picnics and camping. Located on the banks of the romantic Wiltz River with clear water, creating the perfect space for exciting outdoor activities such as horse riding. 

Wiltz town. Photo: Pinterest

During the festive season, Wiltz comes alive again with the music and live shows in the gorgeous and splendid outdoor music hall here. In addition, the town is also famous for its great beer. How wonderful is it to sip a beer and a glass of wine while leaning in to admire the wonderful beauty of the countryside?