Travel experience Meo Vac - where has Ma Pi Leng pass famous recently

Meo Vac travel experience
Tourist experience Meo Vac

Meo Vac is an attractive tourist destination of Ha Giang province. So when to travel to Meo Vac? Where to go? How to go? Read the Meo Vac travel experience in this article for the answer.

Ha Giang has always been a destination not to be missed in the Northeast Vietnam Northwest tour . Recently, Ma Pi Leng Pass in Ha Giang is becoming a HOT tourist destination than ever with the appearance of the Panorama hotel in the middle of the pass. However, not everyone has ever visited Ma Pi Leng. And not everyone knows where Ma Pi Leng is located in Ha Giang. That is Meo Vac district. If you are planning to travel to Meo Vac to have the opportunity to explore Ma Li Leng Pass, remember to read the Meo Vac travel experience that we share below.

Meo Vac travel experience
Meo Vac is a famous tourist destination in Ha Giang

Introduce briefly about Meo Vac district

Meo Vac is a highland district located in the northern area of ​​Ha Giang province. Meo Vac is located 460km from the center of Hanoi capital and is located in the area of ​​the global geological park Dong Van rock plateau. Meo Vac is bordered on the east by Bao Lac and Cao Bang districts, on the south by Yen Minh and Bao Lam - Cao Bang districts, on the east by Dong Van district and in the north by Dong Van, China.

Meo Vac travel experience
Meo Vac has a beautiful natural landscape

Meo Vac travel experiences that you should know

Which time of the year should I travel to Meo Vac?

Meo Vac District is located in the Northern Tropic belt so it is influenced by tropical monsoon climate. Winter usually lasts from October to April next year and the weather is very cold. Meo Vac is also a place where snow often rains in the winter. The rainy season will occur from April to September every year. The remaining time is dry season. According to the experience of Meo Vac tourism , you should come here from October to December every year. Then you will have the opportunity to see the beautiful vascular triangle flower fields.

Meo Vac travel experience
You should travel in Meo Vac between October and December every year

How to move to Meo Vac, Ha Giang

Travel by coach

Passenger cars are always a vehicle of many choice when traveling to Ha Giang. From My Dinh and Giap Bat bus stations, there are always many bus trips running from Hanoi to Ha Giang every day. After reaching Ha Giang city, you continue to take a taxi or motorbike taxi to go to Meo Vac. However, according to Meo Vac travel experience , you should rent a motorbike and go. This will make the journey much more interesting.

Pheo Meo Vac by motorbike

For young people who like adventure and adventure, they will often choose Meo Vac by motorbike . However, the distance is quite far so you should carefully maintain the vehicle before you go. And be sure to have your spare gasoline ready.

Meo Vac travel experience
Pheo Meo Vac by motorbike will definitely be a memorable experience

Where to stay in Meo Vac?

Meo Vac although it is a remote and mountainous district, the accommodation system here is quite developed. There are many options for you. Here are some options that you can refer to:

Nho Que Guest House (Telephone: (0219) 3871322)

Hoa Cuong Hotel (Phone: (0219) 3872888)

Khau Vai Guest House (Telephone: 0917 706503)

Thuy Tien Guesthouse (Telephone: (0219) 3350229)

Thu Vinh Guesthouse (Phone number: 01687 425084)

Where to hang out at Meo Vac?

Ma Pi Leng Pass

Ma Pi Leng Pass is considered a destination not to be missed when traveling to Meo Vac . It is said that coming to Meo Vac without conquering Ma Pi Leng pass is considered as yet to come. Ma Pi Leng pass is considered as the most majestic first of Ha Giang province.

The majestic beauty of Ma Pi Leng pass
The majestic beauty of Ma Pi Leng pass

Ma Pi Leng Pass is a mountain range located at an altitude of about 2000m above sea level. To conquer Ma Pi Leng pass, you can choose 1 of 2 roads. The first road is made of concrete but quite steep and zigzag. 2nd path is to follow the stairs up. Standing from the top of Pa Pi Lèng pass, you will admire a majestic, poetic scenery that is rare anywhere.

Sang Pa A ethnic minority village

If you want to learn about the cultural characteristics of indigenous people in Meo Vac, please visit the San Pa A village. This is a highland village established in May 2007. Ethnic people living here are 100% Lo Lo ethnic people. They make a living by farming, breeding and trading at markets.